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"Warm and cosy cottage :) Caretakers are extremely hospitable. Stay here to be away from crowd"
Pulkit Goenka, Investment banker, New Delhi.
Review posted on Tripadvisor.
Visited 14th to 16th April 2017 with six of his friends.
"Such an amazing property. I am coming back soon with my entire family"
Girish Juneja, Video editor, New Delhi
Visited on 3rd March 2017 with four of his friends.
"Wish my school was not in Delhi but somewhere near Ek Chidiya Cottage. Such fun it was to trek down to the stream nearby. What a peaceful and gardened setting"
Karmanya Sharma
student, visited 17th to 19th February 2016 with his lawyer parents from Delhi.
"The sun coming out from behind the mountains in front is fantastic! Simple and natural setting managed by an experienced on the ball staff. Had a wonderful unwind and made many villager friends during easy treks around. The Rosemary tea was awesome!"
Poonam Panwar
merchandise executive, visited 11th to 13th February 2017 from Noida.
"Quiet and calm! Awesome food and good spread. Fast service. I am going to see all of them soon" (Posted on Tripadvisor)
Daksh Kotru, quality assurance management, Greater Noida
Visited 18th to 21st November 2016 with six of his family members.
"After such a long time found a place which truly gave me the kind of break I and my tired and busy friends were looking for. Quiet, forested and farm freshness all around! Ideal place to unwind. The staff, setting and food is wonderful. A must visit place."
Mayank Ware, Digital solutions entrepreneur, Mumbai
Visited 18th to 20th October 2016 with two of his friends
"All of us so much liked everything about the cottage. Had a great time!"
Manoj Arora, Camera events management,New Delhi
Visited 13th-16th June 2016 along with his nine family members .
"We had a lovely time at Ek Chidiya. Had a comfortable stay. The staff was very warm and hospitable. The place looks great. Very tastefully done indeed. Kudos! "
Amir Haque, TV journalist, Lucknow
Visited 29th to 31st May 2016
"The experience we had at Ek Chidiya was fabulous and beyond our expectations. Infact we felt pampered and all of us enjoyed a lot. The staff especially Dyan Singh was so cooperative and friendly."
Mr. Rajinder Dogra's, Aviation Manager/Aeronautical Engineer in Kanpur
Visited in April, 2016
"A nice and calm place to be, away from all the noise. The resort is perfectly located with an awesome view of the valley. The morning sun rays will fall directly into the room giving it a mesmerizing look. You can go trekking to a nearby small river. The staff is also very friendly and co-operating. A must go place, highly recommended."
Kalpit Sharma IT professional, New Delhi
Visited in October, 2015
"Such a nice and calm resort. Located just about the prefect location. Wake up in the morning the view from the room is of the mountains. What food and the quality of service. Totally agree with the rest of the reviews. Great work Anurag!!!!"
Nishant Mohan, Data Analyst, Noida
Visited in September 2015
"What an ecstatic stay we had at your place! The peace just took me in."
Tushar Agrawal, Bank professional, NCR
Visited in September 2015
"Nothing could be so relaxing than this place. It is situated in village Nathuakhan 40 km above Nainital. This property is built around trees laden with plums, apricots, flowers, birds chirping around, situated on top of valley, river flowing nearby. We went in a group occupied all four cottages. Food was made in accordance of our choice, what else we could wish for all children of our group had a great time without indulging in TV. Definitely, I will go again whenever possible."
Pankaj Goel, Businessperson from Agra
Visited in June 2015
"What a fantastic place! Loved every moment of quietness and wilderness around. Thoroughly enjoyed clicking the variety of birds in my SLR. The fresh peach crushes were truly amazing and rejuvenating. And the biggest prize was loads of lazed out sleep!"
Vishal Bhargava; IT professional in Noida
Visited in June 2015
"If you love to be in the lap of nature, then it's a perfect place to stay. Visited this place last year with family and it's cosy, neat little place. Nice place to relax from hustle of city life. The location, welcome, ambiance, hospitality and the food were at the highest level of satisfaction."
Gaurav Malhotra; From Greater Noida
Visited in June 2015
"This hotel is based in very calm, peaceful and serene surroundings. People traveling to Nainital for relaxation purposes might wanna have a look at this hotel. Talking about other things I can really say the hotel is well run. The room service and staff are helping. The food is delicious as well."
Vaibhav Pandey from Almora
Visited in May 2015
"Visited the property with a friend recently. A cozy, neat little place. It takes you back in time. Specially the staff is very caring. The local villagers were very happy to meet us. Surely it would be on top of destinations for these summer holidays. Didn't want to come back to the city mess at all. Can't wait to go back."
Sanjay Pande; Media professional from Noida
Visited in December 2014
"I visited Nainital last month with my friends. We stayed in this hotel for 4 days. We all enjoyed very much. Staff of the hotel is very friendly and the food is also very good. Location of the hotel is very attractive. We will definitely visit here again."
Sanjeev Maddad from Chandigarh
Visited in September 2014
"wonderful hosts, and then pristine nature. If you want Nirvana, then you must visit Ek Chidiya Cottage. I would definitely recommend any one who loves to be close to nature. Children will enjoy the place, and love to be a nature explorer. You could also teach the chef your own fav recipe and ask them to cook for you. Drive down in in the hills or down the hills, you will enjoy every moment."
Debabrata Sathpathy; Anthropologist from Nigeria
Visited in March 2014
"Hey Anurag, wanted to thank you... Wish to get back to get more energy from Ek Chidiya. I came back with much more than I came for! Looking forward to coming back again."
Meenakshi Sharma, media professional, New Delhi
Visited in June 2014
"A great nothing to do place. A hidden gem far away from city life and crowded hill stations like Nainital. Time freezes when you are at Ek Chidiya. Do nothing and relax, enjoy your tea, watch beautiful birds, eat fresh fruits, go for a walk!"
Nitin Bourai, software consultant, Noida
Visited in June 2014
"It was a last moment decision to stay in Ek chidiya and me and my husband are totally happy with our decision. This place is located in a very beautiful orchard village and even Ek Chidiya has a nice orchard exclusively for its guests. All the rooms have very large windows. Interiors of the room are very tastefully done. Keeping its eco-friendliness, there was nothing plastic in the room! Bed and linens were clean. The staff was courteous. All our meals were very well taken care of. We ate some very fine jams, chutneys and marmalades, made of fruits plucked fresh from the farm. We were given a free hand in his orchard to relish as many fresh peaches and plums that we can. It was a wonderful stay. We relaxed, trekked and relished the peaches!"
Neha K, computer progammer, Noida
Visited in June 2014
"A very beautiful and well-kept place. We completely enjoyed our trip, and especially loved the fact that there is no TV in the rooms! Will come again with more family members."
Anupama Shastry, nutritionist, New Delhi
Visited in June 2014
"Hi Pallavi, Want to thank you and Anurag, for the lovely time we had as did the girls. It really feels so much like a home coming!"
Rajee Sood, interior decorator and stylist, Gurgaon
Visited in June 2014 and June 2012
"A memorable stay @Ek Chidiya this week! Serenity, simplicity amidst nature, just perfect! Thank you!"
Sushmita Bandopadhyay, PR professional, New Delhi
Visited in June 2014
"Ek Chidiya is the best. It's perfect!"
Anil Singh, auto executive, Ghaziabad
Visited in June 2014
"Hi Pallavi, Want to thank you and Anurag, for the lovely time we had as did the girls. It really feels so much like a home coming ..."
Rajee Sood, interior decorator and stylist, Gurgaon
Visited in June 2014 and June 2012
"Me and my wife had been planning a trip to Nainital but were worried that my daughter being small, will not be too comfortable in a crowded place that Nainital becomes in summer. Then I found about Ek Chidiya at Nathuakhan near Nainital and we loved what we saw on their website. In reality too, when we visited recently, the place was the same as it appeared. On top of that the food was very homely and they made food for my small daughter also as per our instructions. I recommend this place for everyone as we had a great time there with all the comforts."
Prakash Jamnal, Data Analyst, New Delhi
Visited in April 2014
"We loved this hidden place in Nathuakhan! Reached there with some apprehension, because the last stretch of the road is still being laid, but all our doubts were settled when we entered through the gate. It's a quaint little place, which reminded me of the idyllic country cottages one only gets to read about! The owners have, I think deliberately, kept the outdoors mostly natural, and that really gives it a rustic feel. It doesn't look like a manicured resort, and that's the charm! So don't go there expecting fancy Tandoori Tikkas and Sizzlers or pool table, playscapes etc. It is just ideal for lazying about! We enjoyed the short walks and talks with the friendly village locals. We missed the fruit season... but will surely go there again in June, and eat the peaches and plums off the trees!"
Swati Mittal, legal writer, New Delhi
Visited in February 2014
"Bright sun, blue sky, surrounded by nature with nothing artificial, homely warmth of the locals and the Ek Chidiya cottage staff and above all getting rid of my allergic cough and sneezing after my stay there made me promise myself to go again to Ek Chidiya, not only to enjoy the nature but to laze out in the sun and take a break from the allergens in the polluted cities. Amazing Ek Chidiya."
Monu Singh, businessperson, Noida
Visited in January 2014
"At Ek Chidiya Cottage one thing can be said without doubt: that your stay will not go unpleasant. Sitting on the front porch and watching pine-grown mountains and having hot tea is a rejuvenating experience. It is a little away from the small market of Nathuakhan, and therefore you get to breathe truly pure oxygen. The place is perfect for trekking, with stone made pathways of locals and goat trails. Trekking down to the river in the morning and back up is the perfect exercise when you don’t have the gym. And it’s heaven for stargazers like me. At night, the sky is filled with bright and dull stars, not leaving a patch of darkness. And if you have a telescope, you would wait eagerly for the night. During my entire stay there, I didn’t miss my TV at all, and I think that’s amazing!"
Ashley Roberts, student, New Delhi
Visited in January 2014
"I visited Ek Chidiya on Christmas this year with my friends and their families. I must say it is a beautiful place in every aspect. It does not have the usual resort look, and is more like your own cottage home in the mountains. The setting is informal, and extremely comfortable. There is a beautiful view of a mountain village in front, which looks amazing at night, when lights are switched on in the houses. We enjoyed sitting out in the sun a lot. Since the nights get very cold, room blowers and hot water bottles were a boon, especially since many hotels we contacted earlier din't have blowers in the room and only give hot water bottles. Of course, in winters one has to go prepared with ample woollens to keep oneself warm! The dining hall is a lovely room, the food is delicious and of the homely kind, without floating oil or added colours. Small things like the warm chappatis served at the table, finger bowl, and eggs on order in breakfast make a lot of difference to such offbeat properties. In that regard, Ek Chidiya perhaps has the best trained staff, who are local villagers. Hats off to the owners for running such a wonderful place in a rural area. We will surely recommend it to everyone."
Puneet Bahuguna, Accounts Executive, New Delhi
Visited in December 2013
"Yours is such a nice, simple and quiet place. I could finish my script only because of the helpful staff you have."
Reema Anand, writer and maker of documentary film 'Punjab: The enemy within', New Delhi
Visited in November 2013
"Ek Chidiya Cottage was recommended to us by a friend who had visited the place earlier. We went there during the Dussehra holidays. And all the time, I kept thanking my friend in my mind for introducing us to the beautiful place. There was only one other room occupied at that time, and we enjoyed complete attention from the staff. It's a small cottage, only 4 rooms, so at no point it would be getting very crowded. The food is homely, and they are willing to make slight changes in the menu if you are the only family dining at that time. Their breakfast spread is good, quite more than what one can expect in such an offbeat property. The hosts have their own house a short walk away, but they mostly leave you alone to enjoy the property on your own. Not at all like some of the owners who are always looking you up! We completely enjoyed the stay, and would recommend it to others also."
Neelam TC Sharma, lawyer, New Delhi
Visited in October 2013
"Ek Chidiya is a perfect place for someone who wishes to get close to nature! And for us to visit this place was at a time which I would like to call perfect, as we were welcomed with peach-laden fruit trees! Very tastefully done cottages with spacious rooms. Host Pallavi and Anurag, along with their ever helpful staff, made my stay very memorable. It gave us a welcoming feeling the moment we stepped inside the gates. It has been beautifully conceptualized and brought to reality. It has become a 'must-go' every year on my travel list for sure! PS: the Peach compote is a must-have!"
Payal Lal, retail consultant, Gurgaon
Visited in June 2013
" Pallavi... thanks to you and Anurag for such a beautiful environment for us all... "
Paiel Gandhi Hoon, NLP Trainer, Gurgaon
Visited in June 2013
" Thanks for your hospitality...we loved it there. "
Aparna Das, NGO Professional, Mussoorie
Visited in June 2013
" Thank you Pallavi and Anurag for your support and love and hosting the Special Kids Family Retreat at Ek Chidiya. Everyone has had a great time, and made new discoveries and strengthened old lessons. "
Kiran Chaturvedi, travel consultant, Gurgaon
Organised a group retreat in June 2013
" Hi Anurag, we are now back to the scorching heat at Delhi. Thanks to you for making our trip a really cool one. Cheers! "
Rajiv Khanna, marketing consultant, Gurgaon
Visited in May 2013
" Wish we could have stayed longer here! "
Vivek Sharma, ad professional, Bangalore
Visited in May 2013
" Here's why I would go back to Ek Chidiya:
1. The mountains. When you wake up in the morning, that's all you see. There is no wall in front of your bed. Just a clean glass with a passionflower creeper hanging. It is a sight which doesn't leave you.
2. The silence. It's delicious. It is literally ek chidiya every now and then.
3. Pallavi gardening. It's like a home you never had, and perhaps you never will.
4. Dhyan Singh ji and the boys. They take care of you like you belong there. It's effortless without looking like they are doing a job or something. They are just very nice with the grace of mountain folks.
5. Spotless and good, simple food. You don't feel bloated and stuffed. You'll eat and be ready to hike in the next few minutes! "
Madhavi Bhargava, writer, Noida
Visited in April 2013
" It was a nice break from the hectic urban lifestyle... a stream flowing just a trek away.. and long wild forest around it was a peaceful bliss "
Neelanjan Gupto, interior designer, Mumbai
Visited in March 2013
" What a lovely start to New Year. One of the most memorable breaks from busy city life. Will always remember the winter sun!! "
Yogesh Panwar, real estate executive, Greater Noida
Visited in January 2013
" Had the most wonderful time… Thanks. It’s the ideal place to be away from any kind of rush! "
Sunder Singh Godara, engineer, Jodhpur
Visited in August 2012
"Hi Pallavi and Anurag. Thank you for everything... was an experience being there ... and now I need the recipe for peach, plum and apricot jam ... :)"
Rajee Sood, interior designer, Gurgaon
Visited in June 2012

I travelled to Ek Chidiya with my family, and my extended family, (and three kids of all the 'troublesome periods, 4. , 8, and 13, you know what I mean :)!!

This place is just what we needed. Clean spacious rooms, toilets, no TV, NOTHING that reminds you that you are paying here, you feel like a guest actually. There is no Checkin-Checkout timings mentioned, no uniformed waiters, infact, the intercom in the room looked out of place.

This place has all the basic amenities, food/breakfast is good, you can stroll to nearby villages, go to orchards, literally have the whole place to yourself. People who are fond of TV, and want room service should not go there. Not because they dont provide the service, but because this place is not for sitting in the room. It is rather for getting out, for short to long treks, for getting familiar with people around.

We were there in a probably the hottest period (people say it had not been hotter), but the hospitality and simplicity of the place just bowled us over. The owners, Pallavi and Anurag are very friendly, (and not intrusive as well)!! They are intelligent people who chose to move away from hectic corporate life to this place, and they run the establishment very throughtfully.

I noticed, the price range mentioned on Trip Advisor is wrong, the denomination should probably be in Indian Rupees. I would definitely go back, and would stay a little longer this time. I just couldnt get enough of it.

Prashant Srivastava (review on Tripadvisor) Computer professional, Ghaziabad
Visited in June 2012
"A strange kind of emptiness... at once powerful, at once poignant. As ma and me sit listening to music, staring at tiny flashlights peeping from mountains shrouded now completely in silence... a time to reflect, ruminate and reach out... to a place we usually keep tucked away."
Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, writer, New Delhi
Visited in May 2012
"Hey Pallavi, thanks for everything. Staying at your cottage was a good option, especially trekking down to the hill was an adventure for the kids. Would definitely come again to relax."
Nidhi Bhambhani, Mumbai
Visited in May 2012
"Anurag, we had a lovely time. Many thanks to you and Pallavi."
Rajeev Mukundan, corporate lawyer, Hyderabad
Visited in May 2012
"Hey Pallavi & Anurag! Thanks for the warm hospitality, it sure made our holiday lot more fun! Had a lovely stay at Ek-Chidiya!"
Neeta Agarwal Doshi, computer professional, Mumbai
Visited in February 2010
"Hi Pallavi and Anurag, I can't thank you enough for a wonderful stay and for your warmth and friendship! I will be there soon... :)"
Suman Mishra, jewellery designer, New Delhi
Visited in February 2010
"My all time favourite down time place now. Thank you, Pallavi and Anurag."
Jasveen Ahluwalia, social worker, Kabul, Afghanistan
Visited in March 2010
"Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books."
Debu Satapathy, public health professional, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Visited in March 2010
"Want to come right back! No, need to come right back."
Annapurna Verma, filmmaker, New Delhi
Visited in April 2010
"Pallavi/ Anurag, thank you for your hospitality and the awesome food, like I said your kitchen is way better than the Neemrana at Ramgarh !!"
Richa Kachhwaha, legal editor, Noida
Visited in June 2010
"Heaven on earth ‘EK CHIDIYA’"
Alankar Soni, lawyer, Bhopal
Visited in June 2010
"If you or any of your relatives plan to take a break from their busy schedule, I am sure you gonna love this place. I had a 4 days stay in the cottage during my honeymoon. The food was just great, and the location in which it is situated is beautiful."
B.Chandra Shekar, marketing executive, Pune
Visited in September 2010
"What a very cozy thought! Drinking honey tea in November at Ek Chidiya Cottage and talking with you about all sorts of things. Still such a favorite memory."
"I can't imagine where I would rather be and bring my husband this time!! Your wonderful place and the delicious food you served plus the stunning scenery made our stay heavenly!! Thank you again."
Susan Creighton, retired school teacher, Portland, USA
Visited in October 2010
"Had a lovely time at Ek Chidiya...went back to nature after ages and what’s more, did not miss the hustle & bustle of Delhi... the stay was made all the more pleasant by our great hosts Anurag Tomar & his wife Pallavi Srivastava and their helpful staff... would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to get away far from the madding crowd."
Anubha Rohatgi, broadcast journalist, New Delhi
Visited in December 2010
"Ek Chidiya is a quiet place, away from the maddening crowd. Nestled in a beautiful village, surrounded by fruit orchards, the scenery all around is mesmerizing, the walk to a nearby stream is fun, also for taking some really good clicks. Sumptuous and delicious buffet meals are an out of the world experience for a foody like me. The place is ideal for shutting up in the room, sipping my tea and gazing at the mountains and the orchards. At night it is even quieter and jungle like, at times seems there is no sign of civilization. Just a word of caution; it is stated to be 4-5 kms from nearest bus stand (Nathukhan – the village) and 45 km from nainital. But for people who want a relaxing holiday, it is just the place to be; with a very friendly, helping host family and the entire staff. Most of the basic amenities are available; please do not expect a 5 star room service."
Atul Jain, New Delhi (review on Tripadvisor)
Visited in December 2010
"Ideal to get away from the stressful city life for a few days and enjoy the peace and tranquility."
Tanuja Rohatgi, molecular scientist, Basel, Switzerland
Visited in December 2010
"Thanks for a wonderful stay. However, we were unable to fully enjoy your place since we were so busy looking at various places. I thought I would also give you some inputs on what we think could enhance the experience at your place. First we thought that your dinner table should be placed against the back wall. The front portions should be used to place some tables against the windows so that guests can look out while eating. "
Saurabh Prakash, lawyer, New Delhi
Visited in April 2011
"Can’t wait to get back there again!"
C. Rajshekhar Rao, sports journalist, New Delhi
Visited in June 2011, August, 2011
"After 2 visits in the last 2 years, this has become one of my favourite places in the hills. Delicious meals (loved the breakfasts!), bonfires in the evenings (the corn was plucked from the terrace right outside the room!), very helpful staff and beautiful view from the room! The short trek to the stream is lovely, and the setting is just like a picture postcard. They arrange sight-seeing trips to tourist destinations like Nainital, Almora, etc. We only opted for the serene hill station of Mukteshwar. Because the place location is spectacular and perfect for getting all the relaxation you want. The village setting is so different from the so-called resorts with high compound walls. It is ideal for those unhurried evening strolls! Overall, this is a place marked by warm, personalized attention and home-like atmosphere. City life seems so far away and chaotic when one is here. Really, one does not want to go back from Ek Chidiya! "
Anamika Singh, travel executive, Bangalore (review on Tripadvisor)
Visited in: February 2010, October 2011
"Ek Chidiya is a small heaven hidden in the valley, gives you a great view of the Valley, excellent hospitality and an opportunity to feel one with the nature :)…A lovely place, highly recommended! "
Kajal Gajwe, computer management professional, New Delhi
Visited in: December 2011
"Hi Anurag, Hope you remember me!!! I sure do and your wonderful cottage. I have a tentative plan for 17th-18th-19th this month. Wanted to know if the same room will be available :)"
Vivek Upman, Software executive, New Delhi
Visited in October 2010, February 2012
"I have travelled across the globe but Ek Chidiya is all together a different place, both in terms of its eco-green footprint as well as total peace of mind. I highly recommend this place to like-minded individuals. Best of wishes & luck to both of you... :)"
Dr. Opinder Thind, dentist, Noida
Visited in: April 2010 (comment posted on FB on May 19, 2012)

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