Ek Chidiya
Fruits Special

… where 'farm fresh' does not stand for a pizza flavour, where 'jungle' is not preceded by 'concrete', and where an uphill climb has little to do with corporate ladder. Ek Chidiya tourist cottage – set amid terraced fields at village Nathuakhan, 40 km ahead of Nainital, in the Himalayas – is surrounded by reserved pine forests on two sides, and quietude on all.

You reach here after you have left behind many things: the last call centre cab fell away seven hours back, the nearest railway station came over two hours ago, the last traffic policeman was stationed 35 km back, and the nearest shop is 2-km up the mountain.

This is a place where the only race for a destination is between birds. At Ek Chidiya, you have all the time in the world – to live.

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Visitors' Comments

"When the flowers are in full bloom and the juice of apricots runs down your hand as you sink your teeth into nature's offering, you know true bliss. The verdure mountains reflect the same feeling. It's one of those rare tranquil places where you can be one with nature, definitely recommended"
Ashlesha Balyan, College Student, Delhi
Reviewed her visit to Ek Chidiya Cottage on Google Business on 13th September 2017

"Hi Anurag. We had a great visit to your place today. I loved the place and Dhyan Singh was exceedingly nice."
Chetan Mahajan, Writer, Satkhol
email: chetanyum@hotmail.com
Visited 19th August 2017 with his wife and two children

"Hi, wanted to thank you for a beautiful experience at Ek Chidiya. Dhyana Singh ji took very good care of us.Thanks once again."
Nibedita and Sinmoy, Professionals, Delhi
email: chinmoy23@gmail.com
Visited 26th to 28th June 2017

"What a wonderful and nature friendly setting. Fantastic arrangements for a calm and quiet unwinding."
Khaled Khan, Business person, Noida,9811952909
Visited 13th to 18th June 2017 with his entire family and also two friends

"Thanks for once again hosting us. This time with parents and they simply fell in love."
Sushmita Bandopadhyay, Professional, New Delhi
Revisited 26th to 28th May 2017

"Nice and warm service. Good location. Spacious and neat rooms. Thanks!"
Dheeraj Gupta, Professional, New Delhi
Visited 19th to 21st May 2017 with his wife and two friends

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