Ek Chidiya

Ek Chidiya Cottage was set up by a journalist couple, and their two children then aged 4 and 1, from Delhi who wanted to experience the serene life of the hills. And wanted others to share it with them. They are:

Anurag Tomar: When you have spent most of your childhood among the apple blossoms of Kashmir, the rolling hills of Himachal Pradesh, and the sugarcane fields of Western UP, the action-packed 24/7 life as a television journalist in Delhi doesn't seem fulfilling enough. And so when the Himalayas beckoned, Anurag left his job, set his eyes upon owning a quiet patch in a mountain village, and set up Ek Chidiya Cottage.

Pallavi Srivastava: When dreams are shared, achieving them is half the effort, and double the fun. Ek Chidiya Cottage gave the former journalist a life she had never experienced, and always wished for. And she loves every bit of it!

Divyaj & Vidur Tomar: When they are not climbing slopes like mountain goats, the two boys are busy watching the clouds form different shapes in the sky. They like plucking the peaches, plums and pears. But collecting wild berries like Hisalu and Kafal are more fun, for sure!